Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

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Friday, April 10, 2009

My life at 26... 4 days before my birthday

I am always amazed at what I learn from a good book, a well composed album, or a well directed movie. At the moment I am watching "Revolutionary Road" (Leo is damn good in it) and my mind is damn near at a point of pure clarity about what to do in life. Watching this movie really shows the struggle people and couples face today, I mean how do you really seek what you want in life and how do you obtain it when life throws its curve ball (s) at you? One of the biggest curve balls life has thrown at me.... well man that is a long story one that I am really not ready to see written out before me, but the outcome of it has given me another chance to go at life on my own and when I look at it find my own way in life. Though I don't have this all figured out just yet, one thing from my personal curve ball that I have figured out is that while you have the chance to do it on your own live your life and pursue your dreams. Don't give up on those dreams for nothing other than to make way for a bigger dream of your own, no one else but your own.

I will write about that curve ball another time.

All the Colors mixed together to Grey

Okay I think I need a drink. But lets face it living in Kuwait proves that to be a task in itself to achieve. I sort of feel like be grey for a little bit. This walking on either side of the street really just sucks at the moment. Either I am on the black side where I am in it for the rush and living for the moment or I am on the white side where I try to be the perfect gentleman or the white knight. I am just tired of my yin yang persona when it comes to women. I just want to be grey just for awhile, avoiding the attacks from the other side when I stay on one side for to long. And I am tired of thinking of all of this sappy shit as well. damn you white side.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Will this change everything?

So time is starting to wind down on the clock that I have set for myself.The clock leads to a vacation and on this vacation I will seek after something that I have always pondered upon; it is almost within my grasp. Real talk I am so fuckin nervous watching this clock wind down. I wish I could put into words what this all really means, breaking a stigma, ridding myself of an insecurity, the cause of laughter, breaking down that last wall that many people built against me, espically that one person. I promised myself that I would allw this to be the no turning back point that I need in my life. So it is almost here, I just hope it lives up to what I want it to be.