Monday, January 26, 2009

A chance to have random fun and say stupid things

So this is just a random classic moment in my circle of friends lives here in Kuwait. After going to grab something to eat my good friend Justin wanted to get some ice cream for the rode. When ask what type it was all he could say was, " Hadji Pop". I know to most this is nothing funny but to a bunch of savants like my boys it was just a priceless phrase that can only belong to a remote place like Kuwait. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Disney is finally doing it.

So I it is 6 a.m. here in Houston and I am bored out of my mind and can't sleep. So what do I do, surf the internet and I found something that to me is just amazing. It seems as if Disney is giving 2D animation another go with the title, " The Princess and the Frog" but that isn't all of it. Anika Noni Rose (DreamGirls) will be the voice actress for the Princess Tiana... wait Anika Rose... Tiana... those are black names! Wait a minute you mean to tell me Disney is making a black princess. A black president and a black Disney princess in the same year? Look at how we have grown America.

The story is set in the Jazz age in good ole New Orleans, so I think that this is a great twist and look forward to watching this and one day showing this to my kids. People go watch this movie, go out and be a kid, go witness how this country.... no its people and ideals are beginning to change.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Zoe Kravitz... my new muse

For my first of 2009, (Oh yeah, "HAPPY NEW YEARS") I have to talk about a woman who has qualities I look for in a woman. This woman here has swag for real. With on screen talent and supermodel potential she has a nice future ahead of her.