Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random thinking

Randomness. Thats right I have no plans for the weekend so I though with the use of pictures I would show you all what I will put a smile on my face this weekend. Enjoy...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Romannce and the iPhone

Something that I just hate is when people wont use even the simplest of technology to its capabilities. Well this guy here took an iPhone and used it like no other. He created an app that used google maps to guide his girlfriend around San Francisco. As she arrived to each destination a video or note of sorts would pop up on her iPhone sharing a message of "Love" and guiding her to her next destination. By the trips end her route revealed the path of a heart and at the end was her boyfriend with a ring await her and a proposal before her. The app is called, "Romantech" and it is awesome to see people do things like this.

Now I myself shy away from "Love" but when my heart is ready to get back into it, I know that creativity like this will be my weapon. I am a sap for this kind of stuff.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wrath Arcane>>>> APPROVED

I have been watching this clothing line for a year now and it just seems to impress me, The brand Wrath Arcane is really growing with me (maybe because it was started in the city I was born in Cleveland, Ohio) due to the fact that I would love to do something similar to what the the creators of this brand have done. From their marketing ploys of trying to take down the bigger brands, to their unique style that I just fit with, I just really enjoy what this company has to offer. Their fall line is in the limelight now and I thought I would post some pics of the stuff I like.
Yes people I am a fashion aware dude....

Beauty is her name.

This is another tribute to limitless bounds of beauty. The first time I noticeably laid eyes on this woman she was in Rush Hour 3. I swear my jaw just dropped to the ground, I mean the accent, the legs, and she even pulled of the bald look better than I do. I am talking about the lovely, French Goddess Noemie Lenoir. Enjoy....