Monday, February 1, 2010

Of course I will talk about the iPad

The amazing thing about this pad is because we of the "i" community have such vivid and fantasy like imaginations the initial release of what the iPad can do left some people damn near heart broken. People this thing is amazing and it does what Steve Jobs said it would do. Its a hybrid between a macbook and an iPod touch/iPhone.

For those who know me, you know I will get this device, but I am still shocked at how as soon as people saw no camera or flash on it, they were let down. Flash would be nice, but is a primary windows software, that is quite buggy and a camera...well I have no idea why there is no camera, but I am sure that battery life would suffer greatly if there were one. The iPad will be a game changer. It is what I want it to be and with the future of apps being bright, it will be more. The only question is which one to get. Living here in Kuwait, using 3G is pretty much pointless, so I really don't need that functionality. So I think the wifi only 64GB will be the one I get. That means I get it next month :)

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