Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The magazine that is haunting me.

The above picture haunts me. I bought this magazine when it first came out and I have yet to read it. I just saw it and thought that it would be a good read, but truth be told there was just a feeling I got when I saw it that wasn't made clear to me until 2 days later. I sat the magazine to the side and decided not to read it because there was just something about it, that struck me as puzzling yet heartwarming. I know, I am a sap right? Anyways, after deciding not to read it I took it to work to share with co-workers and people that come to relax in our lounge and thought I would rid myself of the muse of my puzzling mindset. But soon found it there to create the same reaction that it did when I first purchased it.

That is when it hit me, it was her. The cover look a little bit about a woman who fills my mind with wonder. The feeling was fear because I haven't done what I can to pursue this woman and the wonder was in the fact that by look alone I want to be a better person in hopes that it makes her better. There are too many emotions to express, but I swear one day I will make the right move.... I hope!

This is her

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