Friday, May 22, 2009

Something about me...

I just realized my last few post have been videos, nothing really about me just random viral videos, lol. So here is an update on my life. I am coming off of my vacation in Bangkok. This time I went easy on the partying and I really explored the city. I could go on and on about the city, but I will just say that I think I have a new home. I will do all I can to work there. I am currently in a state of mind where I am passionately driven to do some things and complete others.

I am also a bit caught up in this woman I met a few years back. Not really in the way one would think as if I am falling for her or something that deep, but I am fascinated by her or at least what she says. Her words are just very believable and that is rare to find in a woman. Liddell (here name) I really want to learn more about you just on the level of friendship, but I have to pump the brakes on the thought, because the idea I have of you, I dread to have that ruined.

Anyways, I have put the camera down for a little bit. I have stitches in my mouth at the moment so I don't want any evidence of the immense drooling I am forced to do. I already ripped a few stitches out as well; on the day I was a vampires dream for kissing, I really lost a lot of blood.

So that is enough for the catch up on my life. Got to take care of some business.

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